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You know how it works. These are people I respect. Sites I visit.

Adam Greenfield(Speedbird)
Coudal Partners
Dan Hill(City of Sound)
Jan Chipchase(Future Perfect)
Howard Rheingold
Matt Jones(Magical Nihilism)
Nathan Shedroff
Paul Ford(Ftrain)
Peter Merholz
Timo Arnall(Elastic Space)
Valerie Casey

A perfect world
Arne Jacobsen
Charles & Ray Eames
Rowan & Ewan Bouroullec
Dieters Rams
Jasper Morrison
Naoto Fukasawa
Ross Lovegrove
Herzog & De Meuron
Marcio Kogan
Mies van der Rohe
Peter Zumthor
Renzo Piano
Edward Hopper
Mark Rothko
Anish Kapoor
Donald Judd
James Turrell
Henry Moore
Richard Serra
Raymond Carver
Cormac McCarthy
Erri De Luca
Italo Calvino

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updated sep.06.2011
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