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November 01, 2006

Catching up.

People who roam these pages every now and then know that this weblog has often seen long pauses between updates (not counting links for those that subscribe to freegorifero's RSS feed).
At times the reason has been quite simple: I had nothing to say.
In that case I had long ago decided to just remain silent: there are so many other voices out there that are more original or provide a clearer outlook onto the future that there's no need for my noise in the presence of such strong signals anyway.
Other times the reason for my silence has been different but still quite simple: too much happening in my life.
The last few months have been mostly about the latter.

In a pinch...
I joined frog design Milano, where I'll be playing associate creative director.
I am honored and humbled to be part of the frog family, along with people that have been on my inspiration list as long as I've had one.
After a fun and fruitful year mostly spent teaching at Interaction Ivrea it also feels great to be back in a client-facing role, getting my hands dirty.
I am counting on not loosing contact with students though, I enjoy sharing knowledge too much, so in the future I'll keep collaborating on and off with various design schools.
In the last months I've also been contributing to Convivio's blog. Convivio is a EU-sponsored network of excellence focused on the human-centered design of interactive technologies, and I've just started a series of interviews with leading voices from the field of design-at-large. It's nice to be "on the other side of the table", asking some of the questions I've seldom been asked myself.

Final note, personal one, most important one.
In a few months Valeria and I will be having a baby.
We're elated, to the point that at times we both feel we'd better sit down, the world spinning too fast all around us.
On the way back from our holidays in Sicily this summer I suddenly realized that this is not unlike starting a journey, one we'll truly never come back home from.
Re-reading both sentences above also makes me think how useless words are in case of life-changing events like this one.

Have a feeling all of the above is not going to do wonders for the time I'll have to devote to these pages though.
I guess I'll just keep counting on your patience.

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