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July 30, 2004

7 months. 5 paragraphs.

Warning: blatant name dropping practices ahead.

Summarizing the January to April period is pretty easy: I did nothing except work.
Oh yes, I drove too. To work.
Only highlight: judging for the Webby Awards and thus getting included in the International Academy of Arts and Sciences (thanks Nathan!).

In May Valeria and I finally got to spend a long week-end in London, with the added pleasure of a few hours with Anne Galloway, Celia Romaniuk, Chris Heathcote and Dan Hill.
It was great to see Anne and Celia again, and also to finally meet Chris and Dan in person (Mr. Jones, you're the only one missing now !).
Olof Schybergson and Leonora McKay were the kindest hosts anybody could ever ask for.

June saw us hunting for an apartment in Milano, as Valeria was getting ready to change jobs.
We ended up renting a nice flat about 20 (walking) minutes from the Duomo, and moved in at the very end of the month.

In July (that's now, I reckon) we realized we had really underestimated the whole moving thing, and spent the first 2 weeks pretty much camping out under a roof, with neither electricity nor hot water.
I can proudly say things got better and we now even have a fridge. A small fridge, but a fridge nonetheless. Cool drinks!
July has also seen Molly Wright Steenson head back west to San Francisco. Sorry for not saying good-bye in person Molly, you will be missed.
I also got profiled on the excellent InfoDesign, honored and humbled after the likes of Peter Merholz and Adam Greenfield (I stand to both like stands to two big dogs).

The (in)famous last words to thank Ashley Benigno, Anne Galloway (again), Chad Thornton, Peter Bogaards and Timo Arnall for having thought of me in the past months.

Now, after all the above, aren't you glad I kept my mouth shut so long?
Well knowing the obvious answer, and tired of deleting spam, the blogger removes comment links and proceeds to resume his solipsitic rambling.

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July 29, 2004

RSS feed relocation.

Thanks to the revamped Blogger and to FeedBurner freegorifero has a new RSS feed, one I won't have to update manually.

Please point your reader/aggregator of choice to the new URL.
Thank you.

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Resurfacing, sort of.

I look at the date of the (now) self-mocking previous post, and find myself (again) at the end of Act II:

Well? Shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
They do not move.

At first I blamed it on this and on the 4+ months of 14-hour working days it brought along.
In the end I guess I simply got sucked into a do-it-tomorrow state of mind, and somewhat stopped worrying about the dust accumulating on these very pages.

It is still 2004 after all, isn't it?
Sporadic posting might irregularly resume.

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