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March 27, 2006

Just Because. RCR's Kindergarten in Manlleu.

. RCR Arquitectes, Kindergarten in Manlleu, Barcelona. Photo (C) Eugeni Pons.

Photo (C) Eugeni Pons.

Kindergarten in Manlleu, Barcelona, by RCR Arquitectes (via Frame magazine).

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March 24, 2006

Daily art.

While visiting Milano's Triennale I stumbled onto the work of Andrea Bertotti, an Italian artist who currently lives in Turin.

Painting detail (C) Andrea Bertotti.

Painting detail (C) Andrea Bertotti.

Other than the fact that I find myself responding viscerally to Bertotti's paintings, the peculiar fact about them is that they are all frescoed on newspaper pages.
Actually in the last five years Bertotti has been frescoing all the pages of a newspaper every day.

Five years. An entire newspaper. Every day.

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March 21, 2006

Just because. Peter Zumthor's Thermal Baths Vals.

Peter Zumthor. Vals Thermal Baths.

Thermal Baths Vals by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor.

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March 20, 2006

Informed simplicity.

Valeria and I have often stopped in awe in front of Malloni's showroom windows in Milano. Japanese influences are often quite evident in their lines of clothing, with wabi-sabi definitely looking like a guiding light this winter.

Wielding the miraculous power of sales Vale recently managed to get her hands on a pair of fantastic skirts.
One in particular is really stunning: unfinished hems at the end of a loosely-stitched, coarse cloth, it wears almost like a swatch of fabric simply wrapped around the waist and held in place by a belt.

Skirt. Malloni, winter 2005/2006.

I've similarly stopped and stared at MH Way's windows, intrigued by their newly-released Body Tools line of bags.
The "MH" in MH Way comes from well-known Japanese designer Makio Hasuike's initials. Hasuike, whose studio we had the pleasure of visiting with IDII's students earlier on this year, decided in 1983 to turn his interest in luggage design into a (now very successful) business.

Just like all sophisticatedly minimal solutions MH Way's Body Tools bags can at first appear to be almost banal: modular, flat, zippered pouches of varying sizes layered on top of one another and held together at the corners via two black metal rings, which also connect to a leather handle and to an over-the-shoulder nylon strap.
The final assembly can be quickly and easily customized according to specific needs by varying the number of pouches and their stacking order, while personal tastes can be met by mixing the earthen palette of the individual components.
In my case curiosity rapidly turned into admiration, then into purchase.

MH Way's Body Tool bag.

The beauty of informed simplicity, hard at work.

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March 15, 2006


"Just because".
Half-baked ideas.

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March 12, 2006

Limiteazero. Hublab Gallery.

Limiteazero is "... an architecture, media design and media art studio based in Milan concerned with the exploration of alternative relations between man, machine and environment, bridging the physical and the digital ... focussed on investigating forms and images generated by mathematical processing and through random evolution processes.".
They also happen to be the only Italians selected for Wired Magazine's Nextfest 2006, to be held later this year in New York.

Limiteazero, bb_write. Photo Agostino Osio (C) Hublab Gallery.

Limiteazero, bb_write. Photo Agostino Osio (C) Hublab Gallery.

Hublab Gallery, which I am collaborating with, is hosting an exhibition of their work that will be open until April 10th 2006 (afternoon only).
If you happen to be in Milano in the next month or so I warmly suggest you do check it out, it's free and well worth the visit.

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